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Him & Her is an exclusive look inside the raw, uncut and unfiltered minds of both Cam and Kelsey, and may feature content not suitable for people who lack a sense of humor. There will occasionally be content on this page that may offend you, that you may not find relevant, or that you just don’t think we should include. In the event of this happening… well… too bad.



Every traveler who carries a journal does so for their own various reasons – unique to that of their own perspective and experiences. Whether used as an organizational tool for storing bookings and travel info, a personal diary for managing thoughts and maintaining sanity, or even a travelogue for ensuring you never forget the exact location of that little bridge in Venice – the one where you and your loved one sat for hours, laughing and guzzling Peroni – the practice of keeping a travel journal seems to have this way of routinely capturing your focus, causing you to sit, reflect and remain locked (even if just for a moment), living in the present.

Our goal is to simply write now and read later – experiencing the same events from two completely different minds – yet, allowing our readers exclusive access to both perspectives along the way!


Here’s what we’re going to do:

  1. He will write a weekly blog documenting all that’s seen, smelled, heard and experienced along our journey from his perspective.
  2. She will do the same thing, writing her interpretations of each experience as well. The same event through two completely different minds.


Simple, right??

Here’s the catch;

We won’t be reading each other’s journals!

This means that You, (our readers), will be able to read both of our journals at the same time – comparing our experiences, laughing at our differing perspectives, and ultimately knowing more than we do…while we’re doing it!

Feel free to please comment as you read! BUT, make sure not to give anything away… Because at various points throughout our travels, we’ll take the time to sit down and read each other’s entries – finally seeing what you’ve all been seeing and commenting on all along!

The scariest part for us;

There will be times when you know more than we do…

Talk about terrifying transparency!


So, without further ado, we give you Him & Her – The same events through two completely different perspectives!